Diaspora & Armenian Issues

Diaspora & Armenian Issues

“The United States must acknowledge and recognize the Armenian Genocide – to call what was the first genocide of the 20th Century, a genocide – and to stand with the ever-dwindling number of survivors, as well as the descendants of those who were lost. They must not continue to suffer the indignity, injury and pain of denial.”

– Rep. Adam Schiff

Commemorating and Recognizing the Armenian Genocide

As the centennial of the Armenian Genocide approaches in 2015, Rep. Adam Schiff has continued as the leading advocate in Congress for genocide recognition and has spared no effort in trying to convince his colleagues and the nation of the importance of taking this important step. He has addressed the House in Armenian, read aloud an open letter to the Turkish people and convinced the White House to put the Armenian Orphan Rug on display at the White House Visitor’s Center. Schiff is the lead author of the Armenian Genocide resolution in the House of Representatives and believes that the United States cannot speak out forcefully against genocide and other human rights violations if we are unable to speak truthfully about the massacre of the Armenian people nearly a century ago. Schiff will not rest until our government has acknowledged the truth and pledged to remember forever. Please submit names of loved ones who were victims of the Armenian Genocide to be entered into the Congressional record by Rep. Schiff HERE.

Leading the Fight for Aid to Armenia and Artsakh

As a former member of the Appropriation subcommittee that oversees American foreign assistance, Rep. Adam Schiff has made assistance to Armenia a top priority. With the illegal Turkish blockade of Armenia, as well as Azerbaijani aggression, Armenia and Artsakh have suffered economically and Schiff sees assistance as crucial to maintaining Armenia’s independence and continues to press for greater action by the Minsk group to resolve the status of Artsakh. Unfortunately, recent budgetary constraints and the effect of Turkish and Azeri lobbying have made assisting Nagorno-Karabakh more difficult, but Schiff has been successful in working with his colleagues in Congress and with the Administrator of USAID to direct development assistance to Artsakh that has helped with infrastructure and other improvements and has allowed for continued demining efforts in part of Nagorno Karabakh.

Working to Save Armenian Refugees in Syria and Iraq

The civil war in Syria and the rise of ISIS in Iraq have put the Christian communities of the Middle East at tremendous risk. Rep. Adam Schiff has been working with his colleagues, with the Administration, and with the UN and other aid agencies to direct resources for the resettlement of Armenians in Armenia, and to safeguard those Armenians who choose to remain in their homes, or who cannot travel. He has also worked to call attention to attacks on Christians and Christian towns in the battle zones, like the assault on Kessab by al Qaeda backed militants in spring 2014.