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Hurricane Katrina Information & Relief Efforts

"Hurricane Katrina has ravaged the Southeast and shocked a nation. This is a tragedy of enormous proportions, and I join with millions of Americans in expressing my deepest sorrow for the loss of life suffered so dramatically and painfully." - Congressman SchiffCongressman Schiff spoke on the House Floor regarding his dissatisfaction with the federal government's response to Hurricane Katrina. To view his floor speech, click here.In addition, Congressman Schiff sent a letter to … Continue Reading


Congressman Schiff Urges Floor Vote to Recognize the Armenian Genocide

Mr. Speaker, today, in the Committee on International Relations a remarkable thing happened. Not one but two resolutions recognizing the facts of the Armenian genocide passed out of the committee with strong bipartisan support, indeed with the support of both the gentleman from Illinois (Mr. Hyde), the chairman, and the gentleman from California (Mr. Lantos), the ranking member.One of those resolutions I introduced to recognize the first genocide of the 20th century, the genocide which claimed t… Continue Reading


Rehnquist, Roberts, and the Relationship with Congress

Madam Speaker, as we honor Chief Justice William Rehnquist's life, we pause to reflect on his service to our country, a record of service that was colored with honor, dignity, and distinction.Many commentators are focused on his success ushering in a quiet, conservative revolution on the Court. Another remarkable facet of Rehnquist's legacy, however, is found in a much more understated role of the Chief Justice, that of the judiciary's chief advocate and ambassador. The hallmark of h… Continue Reading


Congressman Schiff Speaks on the Devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the Inadequate Federal Response

Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of the supplemental appropriation to help the people devastated by this hurricane. As Members can probably tell, I have laryngitis. I may lose my voice again during the course of my remarks, but I feel compelled to speak today at the outset to express my sincere condolence to all those families that have lost loved ones or still wonder where their loved ones are in the wake of this terrifying and terrible hurricane.My heart goes out to all of those that have been i… Continue Reading


Mugabe's Reign of Terror in Zimbabwe

Mr. Chairman, I move to strike the last word for the purpose of a colloquy.Mr. Chairman, 25 years ago this April, the breakaway British colony of Rhodesia emerged from years of guerilla conflict as the new nation of Zimbabwe. The United States and many other Western nations were hopeful that Zimbabwe's new President, Robert Mugabe, who came to prominence as a guerrilla leader in the 1970s, would moderate his Marxist views and build a better future for all Zimbabwe citizens. Zimbabwe's… Continue Reading


U.S. Supreme Cout Upholds Intellectual Property Protection

CONGRESSMAN ADAM B. SCHIFFOF CALIFORNIAIN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVESMr. Speaker, today the United States Supreme Court, in a unanimous 9-0 decision, held that peer-to-peer file-swapping companies can be held liable if they promote the use of their sites to infringe copyright. The Grokster decision is a victory for all law-abiding Americans, especially the hardworking and talented individuals that make up our creative industries.I am pleased that the Supreme Court struck the right balance betwe… Continue Reading


Floor Debate on Flake/Schiff Patriot Act Library Amendment

Mr. Chairman, I rise today to urge my colleagues to support the Flake-Schiff amendment, which would make an important change to section 215 if it is ever used in the library or bookstore context. This amendment is substantially similar to one I offered in the Committee on the Judiciary with the gentlewoman from California (Ms. Waters), but one I agreed to withdraw in order to work with the gentleman from Arizona (Mr. Flake) in a bipartisan fashion on a proposal for consideration on the House flo… Continue Reading


Schiff Amendments Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction

Mr. Chairman, at the outset I want to recognize the superb work of the gentleman from Illinois (Chairman Hyde), and say that I think the gentleman is going to have to endure a number of valedictory speeches over the next year and a half. If one Member spoke for each year that the gentleman has served in this House, that would entitle us to 32 accolade speeches during the next year and a half. So be prepared. We are extremely grateful for all of your work. With our ranking member, we could not ha… Continue Reading

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