Press Releases

October 2005
Information and Resources for Victims of the California Wildfires
September 2005
Hurricane Katrina Unearths the Disastrous Fiscal State of Our Country
Dreier, Schiff Introduces "Justice for Peace Officiers Act"
On the Introduction of the Fostering Our Future Act
Schiff Armenian Genocide Resolution Passed by Committee
Hurricane Katrina Information & Relief Efforts
Congressman Schiff Urges Floor Vote to Recognize the Armenian Genocide
Rehnquist, Roberts, and the Relationship with Congress
Congressman Schiff Speaks on the Devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the Inadequate Federal Response
June 2005
Mugabe's Reign of Terror in Zimbabwe
U.S. Supreme Cout Upholds Intellectual Property Protection
May 2005
Floor Debate on Flake/Schiff Patriot Act Library Amendment
Schiff Amendments Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction
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