Press Releases

April 2006
Schiff Introduces Measure to Hold Nations Accountable for Copyright Piracy
March 2006
Schiff, Biggert Introduce Judicial Compensation Bill
Balancing the Budget: Getting Past the Smoke and Mirrors
Schiff, Flake Introduce Bipartisan bill, the "NSA Oversight Act"
Authorizing Innovative Approaches to Reduce Drug Demand
Schiff Port Security, Rail Safety Measures Enacted
Drug Policy Bill Passes House
House Passes Bill to Protect Children and Reduce Crime
Schiff Supports U.N. Security Council Efforts to Stop Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program
Schiff Sponsors Legislation to Secure Our Borders
Schiff Joins in Honoring NAACP
February 2006
Schiff Votes to Honor Tuskegee Airmen
Supporting the Awarding of the Congressional Gold Medal to the Tuskegee Airmen
Schiff Reacts to Arrest of Armando Garcia
The Need for Unity Regarding Iran's Nuclear Program
Honoring Coretta Scott King
Honoring Coretta Scott King
January 2006
Schiff Probes NSA Surveillance Procedures
Schiff Attends White House Signing of Violence Against Women Act
December 2005
Schiff Returns from Iraq
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